Conversation II


Dec. 12, 2015 through Feb. 28, 2016

Join us on Dec. 12th from 7-9 p.m. at No Pop as mixed media artists and patrons mingle and investigate art practice and saleability. We aim to sell affordable work between $30-$1000. This month’s topic has two primary aims; to contextualize the scope of each artists’ work and to sell art that relates to artist ethics.  

Buying art is an investment into a studio practice. We encourage first time as well as seasoned collectors to join us in this dialogue. Openings are an immersive experience and we will feature performances and installations by John O’Donnell, Laura Marsh, and Phil Lique. Aaron McElroy’s photograph will Illuminate our Lightbox and we have a stock of books by Aaron as well as Aude Jomini. New Haven has enormous potential to grow culturally; you help make it happen.

No Pop fosters the arching relationship between artist and patron, and we reassert value of the artists work in intellectual and monetary terms. The studio will proudly display a stock of works for sale; our aim is to sell books, sketches, prints, photographs, small models, and sculptures, etc. that can inform viewers and establish relationships.

No Pop is an art studio concentrating on the value of daily practice. We’ve begun accepting submissions for our street level exhibition opportunity, henceforth known as [Lightbox]:www.nopopgallery/submissions

As artists, Laura Marsh and Phil Lique inform the community about creative needs by integrating the boundaries between exhibiting, living, producing, and teaching. Our philosophy embraces interdisciplinary artists who reference popular culture and provide social commentary. Much like our Pop ancestors, the studio provides the climate for production and collaboration. Also influenced by the Fluxus, we believe in the daily
performance of making and experimenting. We’ve merged our Yale-New Haven roots to form an intersection that’s picking up traction to steadily overcome class and social boundaries.

Participating Artists:
Eóin Burke
Tracie Cheng
Daniel Eugene
Camille Hoffman
Noé Jimenez
Aude Jomini
Phil Lique
Laura Marsh
Aaron McElroy
John O’Donnell
Ronnie Rysz
Edgar Serrano
Jon Stone
Felandus Thames
Anahita Vossoughi
Mark Williams

Guest Chef:
Elise Dunphe (The Elusive Goat)

130 Park Street, 2 FL
New Haven, CT, 06511


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