Local Industry: Reflections on Nearby Desolation

Artists: Michael Angelis, Anna Held Audette, Roland Becerra, Laura Boyer, Joy Bush, David Coon, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Matthew Hester, Brent Howard, Aniko Harvath, Keith Johnson, Todd Jokl, Nathan Lewis, David Ottenstein, Chris Randall, J.D. Richey, Cindy Tower, Maria Tupper, Tracy Waiter Ferry.

Curated by Stephen Kobasa and Laura Marsh

Local Industry is an illustrated encyclopedia of responses to the remnants of industrial Connecticut. Whether stepping through the rubble to capture the best vantage point for a photograph, meticulously painting a distressed surface, or constructing a sculptural analogy to abandoned buildings, each artist evokes a different sense of both appreciation and longing.